Four Guys Play Magic #8 – Seriously, F*** Yeager



OoooooooOOOOOOoooooo! We’ve got a spook-tacular episode lined up for you boys and ghouls, so get ready for chills, thrills, and at least one spill (I donk my water cup in the middle of this episode)! On this very special Four Guys Play Magic, we’re joined by some schmuck who turns out to be pretty terrible at podcasting – that’s right, Chewie Slate of The Mana Pool fame and Monday Night Magic notoriety takes no prisoners on his rocket sled to mediocrity! We laugh, we joke, we call Chewie more than a couple names, and after it’s all said and done we spend a little time talking about the color Black, as well as some changes we might make to banned cards in order to make them not-banned. Then for our game, Chewie takes his leave (thankfully) and Dave and I duke it out mano-a-mano in a 60-card slappy fight. So join us as we practice some black magic and celebrate Halloween the old fashioned way – by lambasting your guest host until he breaks down into a sobbing mess. Mwahahaha!


Note: if the name proves to be unacceptable, you may substitute in “Seriously, F*** Chewie”.


Because seriously, f*** Chewie.



Your Hosts: Joe, Dave
Guest Host: Chewie ( (@TheManaPool)
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