Get Your… MTG Podcast #1 – Stan Bessey and Pedro Rodriguez – Premier


Welcome to the inaugural Get Your… MtG PodCast, Episode 1, with Stan Bessey and Pedro Rodriguez.

Join them as they introduce themselves and discuss their experiences with Magic: the Gathering, including qualifiers, Grand-Prix events, States and the Pro-Tour, and of course discussion of cards, decks and styles.

Stan and Pedro are dedicated gamers that know how to have serious fun with their game of choice!

Your Host(s): Stan Bessey and Pedro Rodriguez
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  • Kevin


    It’s about time someone stepped up and made a competitive podcast. It’s been a while.

    I mean “In Contention” is good, they just don’t post as regularly as DeckBuilders did so there is a void to fill.

    Good luck on the new cast boys.

  • Drake

    if i had the dark depths god hand, regardless of who i was playing, i would just run it out there as fast as possible. if they path the lage, then whatever, at least i got the path out of their hand, and a land into play to replace the darkdpeths that i already lost.

    next turn: grim discovery (or something) and start over.

  • JAG

    I think that, if you’re facing an unknown opponent who doesn’t know what you’re playing and you have this hand:

    Chrome Mox
    Chrome Mox
    Beseech the Queen
    Dark Confidant
    Vampire Hexmage
    Dark Depths

    I probably go for it because even if they answer you still have Confidant so you can rebuild if they have Path/Repeal.

    If, however, you have mulled to 6 and you lost either Beseech or Thoughtseize from that hand, you probably have to go for Confidant just because you can’t risk outright losing the game if they have Path or Repeal. A turn 2 20/20 is just fine.


  • DanO

    Glad to hear you guys on again. I would love to hear more about Extended right now since that is the format that is in season. I would love to hear the matchups between the decks. Like who is favored in the Dark Depths vs. Zoo matchup. Or just anything you guys have along those lines. I know many people will want to hear about Standard right now, but for the competitive players, which you stated that you would wish to cater to or lean towards, Extended should take the forefront. Love the show, keep up the great work.

  • thewachman (Mr. Suitcase)

    Go for it! If they do not know what you are playing you probably just won.

  • Joey

    It’s great to hear you guys again. Deckbuilders was one of my favorite podcasts, before it went on hiatus. Although, I do want to point out, there are several podcasts which I consider to be competitive. In Contention, DrawGo Radio, and even Yo! MTG Taps! (my podcast) are fairly competitive oriented.
    Nevertheless, you guys are among the best of the best, and it’s great to have you back on the network.

    Looking forward to future episodes,

  • jeff

    Nice work guys. glad to hear you’re back into the swing of podcasting. i have to admit your new show is much more listenable to me than what Bryan’s doing right now with Deck Builder Radio – mostly because of the way Stan and Pedro are both able to feed on each other’s genuine energy and excitement for competitive play. keep up the good work.

  • sam


    sam, from raiders