MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic, Presenting: #63 – William “Baby Huey” Jensen


In this episode of the MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic, Presenting series, the Host(s) interviews:  William “Baby Huey” Jensen

This weeks interview is with William “Baby Huey” Jensen. He talks Jon Finkle and who compares to him in the modern era of magic. How he prepared for the pro tour? What was his favorite format? What is the worst thing that could happen him in magic? Will the team concept for players be helpful to new player to the tour? Is the new GP schedule too much magic? Thoughts on the Plainswalker point system? The competitive scene of magic currently? What should be involved to change the ways of getting people better information in getting into the hall of fame? Does he miss being on the pro tour? How magic has made him a better?

Your Host(s):  Rob Martin
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