Off Color Cast #35 – The Audacity Episode (Goin’ H.A.M.)



Off Color Cast is a Commander based podcast where we discuss the serious, the aggressive, and the awesome points of Magic: the Gathering. Some language may be found offensive so make sure your taste and paste makers are properly adjusted before listening. Off Color Cast will not pay your doctor bills.

00:00:00 – 00:03:21          Intro – Who we are, what we do, and how we do.

00:03:12 – 00:03:55          Beardy  Plays!!!

00:03:56 – 00:13:58          Chris’s Pets- This week Chris has a question. Would you rather cast “The Right” card or a pet card when you have them both in your hand? Want and example? It’s turn four, you have four mana, and you have Wrath of God and Snake Pit. Do you Wrath or go into the Pit?… Hey this is Chris’s example… I didn’t say it was good.

00:13:59 – 00:17:29          Don’t Kick the Baby You Cena Lover.

00:17:30 – 00:34:46          Cassidy’s Audacity – This week Cassidy wants to go in on the people who takes Magic TOO SERIOUSLY! … Yes we get that we’re a group of guys who have decided that we want to talk about Magic in our spare time… Yes we know we’re not getting paid…We’re talking about THE OTHER people who take this game TOO SERIOUSLY…just listen… you’ll see what we mean.

00:34:47 – 00:35:43          Version 3.5 and other gaming

00:35:44 – 00:54:24          Into the Red Zone – This week Calvin is having trouble with the use of the term “Social Contract” in EDH. How does a unwritten contract that says to play nice work inside of a game designed to put players against one another? Isn’t that just kinda…pointless? We go into helping Calvin figure out how this works.

00:54:25 – 00:58:49          If you could afford the Swords you would run them and Ashling’s Sweet Pot.

00:58:50 – 01:04:32          Outro- We’re out of here. Remember if you want to get in contact with us you can find us…


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NOTE: This Podcast may contain explicit and adult only language in it.