Serious Tryhard Podcast #6 – Stop the Poachers



The Serious Try-Hard’s Podcast is a Commander based podcast where Sean Patchen hits you with the knowledge you need to know so you can stop durdling and start winning. If you are not into serious plays, winning, and going from a Commander player to a Commander Playa’… Leave. Scrub.


0:00:00 – 00:01:08          Intro.


00:00:55– 00:20:26           Damn You Trade Sharks! – It’s them. You know who we’re talking about. Those Snow Land taking, Land Tax buying, price warping Trade Sharks! The guys that take everything a EDH player loves and finding a way to push the prices to leaves that would give Scrooge McDuck a boner so permanent WoTC are planning on giving it a card type. Sean goes over some ways to make decks that are still good in EDH while avoiding the shark tank, cost for cards being worth your time and money, and a few basics need for budget deck building.


00:20:27 – 00:20:38          Later. Remember if you want to get in contact with Sean you can find him…



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