Serious Tryhard Podcast #7 – Serving True Pimps



The Serious Try-Hard’s Podcast is a Commander based podcast where Sean Patchen hits you with the knowledge you need to know so you can stop durtling and start winning. If you are not into serious plays, winning, and going from a Commander player to a Commander Playa’…Leave. Scrub.

00:00:00 – 00:01:08     Intro.

00:01:09– 00:31:26      The Psychic Battle  – Sean has a guess today who you may know, Brionne from Top & Go Productions and fame. They go back a forth over the various ways to pimp out your decks. Altered cards, Foils, favorite artist, and why a signed card is no longer pimp. They then go into stories about their best trades and buys, cards they have had altered, the prices they would be willing to pay for an altered card, what’s better to buy on E-Bay verses other well known card sites, and why you need to make friends with a Judge.

00:31:27 – 00:31:37     Later. Remember if you want to get in contact with Sean you can find him…


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