Limited Time Only 51: Aether Revolt Common Set Review


Spencer and Danny bring you their top 3 commons in each color for Aether Revolt. Join the Constructed Criticism Facebook Group at Twitter @LTOMTG Spencer @Spencer13H Danny @djcathro Game Grid sponsors the show and you can go to their website at Constructed CriticismMore Posts

Constructed Criticism 170: Aether Revolt Set Review


The guys do a set review for Aether Revolt giving the top 20 cards submitted by this listeners a grade from 0-5. Twitter @CCMTG Spencer: @spencer13h Casey : @ccbloodthirst Michael: @magicmikemtg iTunes: Click Here Facebook Group Our goal is to always have Constructed Criticism be free of charge but we want to give fans who think what…

TriHards EP35 – What It Asks & What It Takes


The ‘Hards are back in full flight!  While WotC’s Prez looks toward the future, an employee draws the short straw & issues a mia culpa on behalf of many.  The brewing juices are flowing – as are the drinks!  So join the TriHards as they consider the price the game asks & the ways we deal…

Money Draught 63 – Top-Down Development


Topics include: Heavy Meta, the state of MTG development and sanctioned formats in light of the recent B&R announcements, Frontier, digital competition, Aether Revolt cards we like, and Vintage Cube. ** This cast is for mature listeners. Recorded 1/9/17 ** Your Hosts: Jason Alt — @JasonEAlt Slick Jagger — @slickJagger JR — @time_elemental Money Draught…

If Lands Could Kill – Episode 100: Good Length

We are pretty much the sexiest cast around!

They finally did it! Episode 100! This episode the boys reflect on how much they have changed in the past 100 episodes, they give a back story to their personal ties, they talk about their favorite moments over the past three years and look back at their 2016 predictions and look forward at 2017. They even…

Unspoken Realms 98 – AER #4 – Revolution Begins


Episode 98 of the Unspoken Realms podcast, featuring Revolution Begins by Nik Davidson, Kelly Digges, and Kimberly J Kreines. Revolution Begins is fourth chapter in the Aether Revolt storyline. To support Unspoken Realms, visit the Patreon page. Direct Download Link unspokenrealmsAudio recordings of stories from Magic’s Uncharted Realms, found on DailyMTG.comMore Posts Follow Me:

Snapcast 59 : Hacky Sack with your Lungs


Hey y’all!!! This week Rob and Jerry discuss the bans in Modern and Standard as well as AER Limited and how it shaped out. We also talk about decks in Standard that have been affected with the new cards and decks that are going to have to make changes because of the bans. Finally we…