Power Nine Podcast 103 – Fake New Cards


Proxy, counterfeit, fake… Whatever you call them, they aren’t original. This week, we discuss the impact of counterfeit cards to the Magic economy. Power Nine PodcastWelcome to the Power Nine Podcast. We are your hosts, Mik and Nuno. Every week, we sit down with friends and have a casual conversation about the cards that make…

EOT (News) Flash EP 64 – Count the Shadows


A week off to recharge our batteries and we’re back, and boy is there a lot to cover! First up! Who thought Modern was healthy? I sure did! Dredge and Death’s Shadow still kicking despite the bannings? Just shows how stubborn those pilots can be, and the rest of the meta looks great! Play what…

Limited Time Only 53: Welcome Back

Spencer and Danny are back with a new episode about Aether Revolt Limited. Join the Constructed Criticism Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1506956822961196/ Twitter @LTOMTG Spencer @Spencer13H Danny @djcathro Game Grid sponsors the show and you can go to their website at playatgamegrid.com Constructed CriticismMore Posts

QS Cast #54: Amonkhet Hype!


The QS Cast has returned: Chaz Volpe, and Tarkan Dospil continue on with where the cast left off and in this episode they discuss the following: Interests Amonkhet and more Modern Masters 2017 discussion How to approach Modern Masters 2017 “Basically on the Reserved List” As always, please comment and leave questions for us to…

JudgeCast #167 – Parts of a Card


On this episode, we’re joined by the amazing Billy Willy to discuss the numerous parts of a card. Find out about the rules for illustrations (yes, there’s a rule for that!) and how set symbols used to be relevant in the game! Bprill reminisces about the good old days before color indicators and tells you…

Magic With Zuby Episode 056 – TotalMTG


Today we bring on my good buddy, TotalMTG! An up and coming Magic the Gathering Youtuber who does multiple deck techs, pack openings and much much more! I brought him on to chat about all things Magic the Gathering and some more! So stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy it!   Totalmtg can…

2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 72 “More Judge Calls”


It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  “More Judge Calls” sub title “PPTQ Goodness” watch the raw show on YouTube! This weeks show is like 50 stories about how Samius is a shitty magic player and how he only doesn’t get removed from any event he is in because he is…