Brainstorm Brewery #147 – #SVUHQBBQ

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Sometimes we predict the future on this cast. Last week, on a Monday Jason said that Serum Visions was likely to be an FNM in the future and the next day it was announced. This week Jason pretended to fall asleep in the intro and Ryan actually fell asleep during the outro. Want to hear…

Brainstorm Brewery #146 – Comet Storm

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We realize you rely on these show notes to get a grip on what’s in the episode. Doesn’t that feel a bit like a spoiler, though? Speaking of spoilers, that person who “leaked” Modern Masters 2015 early sure did get most of his information right. It’s too bad getting some of it wrong pretty much…

Brainstorm Brewery #145 – Fragments of Imagination

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It’s not all Vegas talk this week. Not that much of anything really happened financially this week. Mike Flores played a weird Dragon deck and made some cards that we wanted to go down not go down but other than that, it’s all gas as this frees us up to talk about what we want….

Brainstorm Brewery #144 – Accessorizing

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Do you want to be ready for GP Vegas? Sure you do. If you want to be truly ready, there are a few things you want to get nailed down. You’ll want a BSB Tee shirt for sure. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Goblin token illustrated by Aaron Miller. And make sure you…

Brainstorm Brewery #143 – Double Down

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VEGAS HYPE.   Sorry, that slipped out. But, you know. Vegas. Ummmm you know. Hype.   If the gang wasn’t hyped enough already, the cast of the Command Zone EDH podcast on Rocketjump, Jimmy Wong (@jfwong) and Josh Lee Kwai (@JoshLeeKwai)  come by to talk Vegas, EDH, the PT, the CHEATERS at the PT and…

Brainstorm Brewery #142 – Strange Brew

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Brainstorm Brewery is a nighttime podcast. There are things that do not bear discussing in the daytime. Imagine how out of sorts the gang was recording a podcast at 3 PM. That’s just… that’s so early.   You know how an episode works, right? A 15 minute “intro” Finance 101 Finance talk Listener submitted questions…

MTG After Hours #11 – Final Straw

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Brainstorm Brewery After Hours is a collection of outtakes and stories that aren’t fit for publication on respectable websites. While Brainstorm Brewery is a podcast that strives for a PG-13 rating, After Hours has no such aspirations. This week on After Hours, Corbin is “forced” to tell a story about a trip to Buffalo Wild…

Brainstorm Brewery #141 – Patreonic

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The gang is assembled and it’s a very Patreonic episode. New segments are launched, rants are initiated and vocabularies are expanded.What makes the episode Patreonic is the reading of a Patreon finance question and a Patreon pick of the week. Do you want your question addressed and your name mentioned on the cast? Support the…