Brainstorm Brewery 221: The Wescoe Review

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The banning announcement came early, so we decided to push this out early too.  Craig Wescoe takes a break from being awesome at life to bless you with thoughts from the recent bannings, Legacy GP, and Aether Revolt.   Since the format is in such flux after the surprise bans, there is not a card-by-card set…

Brainstorm Brewery #220 New Year’s Revolt

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We missed last week and it may have only been half Corbin’s fault.  Its a new year and the cast is back with the best financial information and spoiler coverage.   Babies are absent from the cast, but their impact on the past year is discussed.   It’s Brainstorm Brewery. Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns) Should…

Brainstorm Brewery #219 – Gueststravaganza

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We have three underage guests as our normal guest, DJ, is joined by Benjamin Hosler and Liliana Alt for an episode that will have you saying “We get it, you have babies.” Stay at home dads are gonna dad in this episode that might be the last one of 2016 unless you’re lucky. Strap in…

Brainstorm Brewery #218 – Risk Assessment

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Corbin clearly wants to talk about his brew but he gets no-sir’d by the gang. If you want to watch it because you hate yourself, the link is here.   Just kidding, that was Corbin hitting a light pole. The real link is here.   That was Corbin hitting a light pole again. The real…

Brainstorm Brewery #217 – Double Double Season

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Aether Revolt spoilers, a few card spikes from Atraxa and Corbin is a clumsy idiot. That’s about enough nonsense to fill the hour. That’s “Corbin hits a light pole” in case you missed it. Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns) Corbin hits a light pole again Cards spiked? Why? Aether Revolt Spoilers! Breaking…

Brainstorm Brewery #216 – Corbin’s Back and Other Bad News

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Corbin’s on this one and he knows he was pranked. He pretends it doesn’t bother him, but we know better. The episode took a while to get rolling and honestly, most of it isn’t suitable for you hearing and will probably be relegated to after hours. We’ll do one of those soon. One or more….

Brainstorm Brewery #215 – Podcast Emetrius

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So last week we asked for help pranking Corbin and you guys actually have no idea how well it worked. Like, you probably saw Corbin lose his cool a bit on twitter and what you don’t know is that he actually lost it to a way greater extent privately. It was fun times. I’m feeling…

Brainstorm Brewery #214 – Help Us Prank Corbin

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Corbin never listens to the episode so after he got off of the group call we decided to have you help us prank him. If you all wouldn’t mind tweeting at him to mention how savagely we burned him at the end of the episode, that would be awesome. Don’t be specific, just mention the…