Monday Night Magic #411 – Snape Kills Xenagos (Fire at Wil)


  A wookiee, a goblin, Dr. Science, and a hairless thoctar walk into a bar.  There’s no bar or joke, but I couldn’t think of another way to start this off.  We’re joined halfway through the episode by Matej Zatlkaj, pro player and MNM listener, to talk Pro Tour stuff.  Along the way we determine…

Monday Night Magic #410 – Eidolon of Backwards Templating


  This week your hosts rant about more lack of innovation, wonder at why the Eidolon of the Great Revel is in this burn deck, discuss the things that Kibler whines about, get sidetracked multiple times, explain the difference between a change and a clarification, and spend SO LONG doing this episode that the next…

Monday Night Magic #409 – Good luck, we’re all counting on you


  Since there was little to no innovation from the Magic tournament community this week, we decide to spend longer than usual at the end discussing movies and television and whatnot. Hopefully there will be more innovation next week so we can talk about what’s important.   MNM Hosts This Week Chewie Slate from The…

Monday Night Magic #408 – No Tournaments, So Movies!


  Cluze’s Science Cannon ruptured, keeping him from joining us.  And since there were no tournaments this weekend other than the prerelease, we sort of…got sidetracked.  We spent a lot of time after the Magic news to talk about movies for some reason.  We apologize for nothing!   MNM Hosts This Week Chewie Slate from…

Card Advantage – Special 001 – Magic at PAX East 2014

Card Advantage

  Cluze brings us look at what Magic is like at PAX East, 2014.   There are some interviews, some news from the panel, and if you listen closely, you can even hear him getting over some con-crud during during the week it took him to assemble and edit this story.   The music for…

Monday Night Magic #407 – Finite Mark Hamill


  This week, Chewie got sick and left the show in the hands of the other guys.  And since I’m the one that posts the episodes, I have no idea what these guys talked about this week.  I guess we’ll find out together!   MNM Hosts This Week Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr. Science) from Card…

Monday Night Magic #406 – Re: Steve (On the Bus)


  This week, your hosts torment Steve.  The one on the bus.  You know who you are.  Also, PAX and GPs and stuff.   MNM Hosts This Week Chewie Slate from The Mana Pool, Content Editor for Cardshark, @TheManaPool Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr. Science) from Card Advantage, L2 Judge at Atomic Empire, @lacluyze Jack LaCroix,…

Monday Night Magic #405 – We Get Geeky at the End


  This week, your MNM hosts are kind of all over the place.   We’re talking about Standard, articles no one read, articles from over a decade ago, listener-requested Legacy decks, and YouTube.  So…yeah, enjoy.   MNM Hosts This Week Chewie Slate from The Mana Pool, Content Editor for Cardshark, @TheManaPool Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr….