JudgeCast #177 – Learning About Learning


In this episode, we talk about the state of judge testing, some styles of learning, and how one can study and prepare for tests without being able to spam practice tests. In addition to JudgeCast, we talk about lots of other resources for judges to learn from. We end the episode by discussing the list of things you need…

Legacy Weapon #32 – Aluren, Part II


There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, we continue to dress up like experts and finish a Deck Tech on Drew’s deck, Aluren! Get ready to get ready to get ready.  It’s another episode of Legacy Weapon! jamie7kellerLegacy Weapon is a thorough introduction and guide to the Legacy…

At Your End Step – Episode 190 – The ’90’s Episode


http://www.patreon.com/atyourendstep http://www.twitter.com/yourendstep http://www.facebook.com/atyourendstep At Your End StepAt Your End Step is a podcast dedicated to discussing competitive Magic: The Gathering and all news relevant to the MTG Community. At Your End Step is worth a listen if you care about competitive standard, PTQ formats, and general MTG news/information. Hilarity will surely ensue in each episode…

Off2FNM – 34 0-2-BBQ


This is previously recorded July 1st 2017.  We recorded on a Saturday with our Friend Carl as we made our way to a NerdRageGaming Legacy CTQ.  After everyone getting wrecked we talk about our matchs and were we went wrong on a few. Off2FNM@gmail.com @Off2FNM @NotSoSilentBob1 @Forevrundead Opening song VolBeat – Black Rose. notsosilenttbob2 friends…

Cardhoarder Podcast – 64 – FNM Promos & PT Standard Preparation


Last episode before Dave leaves for Japan to battle at GP Kyoto and Pro Tour Hour of Devastation!  We share our thoughts on the In-Store play changes by Wizards of the Coast.  With the Pro Tour approaching, we share our top 5 decks Dave needs to test against in preparation for PTHOU.  A pack is…

Power Nine Podcast 119 – Amonkhet is Too Metal


SPOILER ALERT! This story arc is dark, so if you’re squeemish, don’t read it. Instead, just listen to us as we amaze ourselves at how brutal Amonkhet is. Power Nine PodcastWelcome to the Power Nine Podcast. We are your hosts, Mik and Nuno. Every week, we sit down with friends and have a casual conversation…

Brewing with Brewskies: Episode 3, Spoiling the rest of the spoilers

bwb thumbnail square

On this episode we devote the entire episode to talking about spoilers, due to last weeks episode going long.  So no decks this time, but we’ll return to “normal” (as normal as it can be on the third episode) in episode 5.  since this was recorded 3 weeks ago, but we only got the host…

MTG-Eternities: Episode 9- FNM Changes and Standard

MTGEternities logo_white backgound

In this episode we will discus the open changes Wizards of the Coast have made to their FNM formula, as well as the first major Standard tournament for the Hour of Devastation season.   mtgeternitiesJoin a new podcaster as he tells you his ideas on constructed MTG formats.More Posts Follow Me: